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No matter how small or big your business, we have the solution to meet your needs and your budget.

We’ve crafted an affordable, all-inclusive small and medium business phone system and unified communications solution, Professional that empowers your company with all the advanced features you need to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers and colleagues for one low monthly fee.phone

What’s the best phone system?

Generally speaking you can use a VoIP phone with any provider. The cost of the VoIP handset (the physical phone) can run from around $20 on the low end to several hundred dollars if you want additional features such as a screen for video calls. Since the VoIP phone system is hosted on the internet, there are no installation or maintenance costs.

Power by MongoTel is the bridge that connects powerful systems to personal aspirations.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a relatively new type of small business phone system that works on your internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. There are major advantages to VoIP over traditional small business phone systems including:

  • Lower Costs (save as much as $1,200 per phone line over 2 years)
  • Minimal setup/installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Advanced features like an auto-attendant and call transferring
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding and Internal Transferring
  • Conference Calling
  • Office Intercom
  • Online Fax
  • Call History
  • Auto Attendants
  • Music on Hold
  • Click to Dial Calling
  • Mobile and Desktop App
  • Online Management
  • Call Forwarding
  • Intercom
  • This Just Few Features