Access Control (ACS)

At its foundations, ACS allows one to manage who enters and exits and what level of access they have. Permission is usually granted by special access codes, devices, cards, keys, or a smartphone.

More advanced types of ACS achieve even more. These newer systems allow the administrator to have full control over the entire building. It’s functions include, but are not limited to, customizing what each person has access to, automatically locking and unlocking doors, and tracking and documenting who was where and when. This information is extremely valuable if the need arises to investigate and review a security incident

Further additions of ACS includes managing the physical aspects of a building layout like heating and cooling systems, electronic locks, closed circuit television, and security surveillance.

Edgenet Services, Inc. offers state-of-the-art access control systems and components including turnstiles, keypad alarm systems, biometrics, and card access. Your needs will determine the type of system.

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